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An ePub eBook is an electronic version of a printed book that has been optimized for on-screen reading.

Extel Solutions offer to convert their content from various data sources in any format (such as MS Word, PDF, InDesign, Image, Hard copy) to epub format with your desire of the below options.

Reflowable Conversions

Reflowable eBook means that you can change the font, resize the text or alter the size of your display and the text will reflow itself to fit the available area.

Reflowable eBooks (ePub 2.0 version) can be viewed in iPad, Kindle, ADE, Nook, Kobo and Sony devices. An embedded audio and video also supported in Reflowable ePub 3.0 format.

Standard eBooks (ePub and .mobi) feature a dynamic (flowable) layout for text and images. This means that your eBook will look different when viewed on different eReaders.

Fixed Layout Conversions

Fixed Layout eBook means that it have the mimic version of the printed book and it should be fixed and you cannot change any of the properties like font-size, style etc.

Fixed Layout files quite literally “affix” images and text to exact spots on each electronic page—just like their printed book counterparts—so that they look the same, regardless of which reader you use.

Most eBooks do not require a Fixed Layout file. Fixed Layout files are only needed when it’s important that the images and text appear in a specific and consistent way.

Apple ePub2 and ePub3 Fixed Layout Conversions

While ePub2 has been around for a long time, it does not officially have a fixed layout eBook option. However, Apple developed a solution of its own, adding some functionality that allows a standard ePub2 file to be displayed in a fixed layout.

As mentioned above, the ePub3 fixed layout format was based on Apple’s ePub2 extension, but ePub3 brings a much more stable foundation to the format. In addition to having native support for more features and functionality, ePub3 is being more widely adopted across the different retail platforms, including Apple, Kobo, Sony, and Google.

Functionality of these ePub fixed layout options will vary widely based on the reading system in which they are displayed, but let’s go over some of the key features you are likely to see, especially in the Apple iBooks system:

  • Full-page zoom: While other fixed layout formats may not allow the page to zoom in or out, this is a common option for the ePub fixed layout format.
  • Single-page view: In some devices it is possible to make the eBook switch to view only one page at a time instead of the standard two page spread. This is sometimes controlled by the reading system (meaning that you as the creator have control) while in other cases this is dynamic based on the orientation of the device (landscape vs. portrait).
  • Embedded media: Fixed layout files are regularly enhanced with embedded video and audio
  • Animations and interactivity: While this may seem like a more likely candidate for enhancing a children’s eBook, there are a lot of great ways to add interesting and helpful interactivity to non-fiction content, as well.
  • Narration overlays: This integration between text and narration are currently almost completely limited to fixed layout files.
  • Device support: Apple’s iBooks application is the most common location to find these ePub fixed layout files, and it tends to have the best support for the various options mentioned above. Kobo supports ePub3 fixed layout on their tablet devices.

Kindle Format 8 Fixed Layout Conversions

Amazon’s Kindle Format 8 has a fixed layout option that works well for children’s eBooks. However, the smaller size of the Kindle Fire screens and the inflexibility of reading options in this format make it a less desirable option for non-fiction fixed layout content.

Unlike Apple’s implementation of the ePub fixed layout formats, KF8 does not allow page zooming in fixed layout files, and the 16:9 screen aspect ratio is not as close to standard print book trim sizes as the iPad’s 4:3 ratio. If you decide you would like to make a fixed layout file for the Amazon platform, we recommend you approach it this way:

  • Determine what content you need to include. Sometimes it is best to have some content, like media files, available on your website instead of including them in your eBook files.
  • Re-design the content to fit in a 16:9 screen aspect ratio. This will more than likely require re-designing the whole book, increasing the overall font size, adding new pages to adjust to the smaller page size, etc.
  • Remember that the Kindle format does not allow page or element zooming, so you should consider how to make the content work at the native screen size.

KF8 Fixed layout files can only be viewed in Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD & Kindle Paperwhite devices.

KF8 Fixed layout files are in the below formats.

  • Region Magnification / Fixed Layout Text Popup
  • Comic Panel View
  • Manga Conversion

Region Magnification / Fixed Layout Text Popup

Amazon’s fixed layout format has a region magnification option that allows you to make text pop up in a more readable size. Apply this magnification carefully. You do not want that getting in the way of your readers or covering up important visual content.

Comic Panel View

Fixed-format panel view is an eBook format designed for Kindle comic books. In this format the book is given a fixed orientation, usually portrait, and each page is made up of a single image. Each panel, when double tapped, pops up to reveal a magnified version of that image, and the rest of the page is grayed out in the background. Swiping between panels creates a guided reading experience, in which the reader is led through the panels one-by-one in the correct reading order.

Manga Conversion

Kindle Manga to zoom the page by 4 panels in left to right / right to left / top to bottom / bottom to top.

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